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Architectural Services

Architectural Services

Nicholas Jay Architect offers architectural services tailored to each project and subdivided into six phases:

Phase 1: Pre-Design

Black-and-white line drawing of a property survey showing boundaries and existing building.
Example: Property Survey
Commercial Building Renovation

Pre-Design begins with an initial consultation to establish the project's space program, budget, and schedule. Assistance may be provided in obtaining a property survey or preparing measured drawings of visible conditions.

Phase 2: Architectural Design

Freehand sketch of a modern facade renovation superimposed over a photograph of an existing building.
Example: Schematic Design Sketch
Commercial Building Renovation

Architectural Design is a two step process. First, schematic design drawings illustrate the scale and functional space layout of the project. Then, design development drawings refine the project to describe the architectural character, materials, and other elements.

Phase 3: Construction Documents

Black-and-white CAD drawing of a modern building elevation.
Example: Construction Drawing
Commercial Building Renovation

Construction Documents are the technical drawings and specifications detailing the construction requirements and compliance with the Ontario Building Code. Professional engineers may also be coordinated at this time.

Phase 4: Permits & Approvals

Nicholas Jay Architect logo with building permit stamps from Toronto and other GTA locations.
Example: Building Permit Received
Commercial Building Renovation

Permits & Approvals are coordinated with the client. Typically the architect will apply for the building permit on your behalf. However, many projects also require an earlier application for a zoning certificate, site plan approval, or minor variance.

Phase 5: Negotiating & Bidding

Table of contents summarizing the various bid documents common to most projects.
Example: Bidding Documents
Commercial Building Renovation

Negotiating & Bidding is an optional service whereby the architect may assemble the instructions to bidders, manage the bidding process, and prepare the construction contract for the client's final decision to hire a contractor.

Phase 6: Construction Administration

Modern building clad with wood grain and white aluminum panels in front of a dark grey split-faced masonry entry portal
Example: Construction Administration
Commercial Building Renovation

Construction Administration includes the architect's general review site visits, review of shop drawings, responding to requests for information (RFI), and administering changes to the construction contract. Payment certification may also be provided upon request.

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Additional Services

Cost estimate summary showing line item costs for each drawing sheet and total cost per square-foot area.
Example: Construction Cost Estimate
Commercial Building Renovation

Additional Services may entail feasibility studies, multiple design options, 3D renderings of the design, construction cost estimates, or hourly billing for services beyond the scope of the original agreement.

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Resources and Best Practices

Nicholas Jay Architect maintains a comprehensive set of the latest architectural industry resources and best practices for the benefit of your commercial architecture project.

The Latest Architectural Software

Architectural Software Subscriptions keep skills and deliverables current and compatible with all consultants and vendors involved with the project. These software programs streamline the workflow of every architecture project:

Architectural Reference Standards

Architectural Reference Standards are updated and incorporated into work templates on a regular basis; and an in-depth review is performed on a project specific basis. This includes current copies of industry leading documents as well as more specialized content:

Construction Administration Standards

Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) standards are observed when engaged for Construction Administration Services. These documents are broadly understood in the construction industry and referenced when necessary to resolve procedural concerns:

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List of Clients Served

Nicholas Jay Architect provided architectural design services for your competitor's project. Get the same great value of service for your company's architecture project no matter the size - from large cap corporations to small businesses. Request a Consultation for your commercial building design & permit drawings.

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Service Recommendations

Nick Jay, OAA is grateful for these wonderful recommendations received in writing from former clients and industry peers over the course of his career. Minor editing may have been performed for clarity and to protect the online identity of the individuals. I sincerely appreciate their kind words.
-Nick Jay, OAA

Recommendation from Bill M.

"Nick Jay, OAA was quick to generate and examine alternative ideas and concepts, rigorous in the development and exploration of his ideas, took criticism and commentary well and was responsive to it, and presented his work excellently, both graphically and verbally."

Recommendation from Hector S.

"Nick Jay, OAA, just wanted to say thanks for your work. The project turned out great, we have put the building up for sale as we had planned but are having second thoughts, as it turned out to be beautiful."

Recommendation from Larry H.

"Nick Jay, OAA produced high quality work that is graphically superior, well-developed, and thorough. He consistently put forth extra effort to produce accurate and complete work."

Recommendation from Mark S.

"Nick Jay, OAA laid out each detail with a voluminous quantity of notes. With information well coordinated and profusely designed, contractors were able to see intricate details most project architects and designers take little time and effort to explain."

Recommendation from Paul A.

"Nick Jay, OAA has proven to be resourceful and always willing to explore new ideas. He has exceptional design skills, is a good listener, and is willing to accept reasonable risk and assume responsibility."

Recommendation from Peter I.

"Nick Jay, OAA handled all code compliance issues. He was extremely detail oriented and provided highly valued subject matter expertise which ensured the successful completion of the project."

Recommendation from Rhonda Y.

"Nick Jay, OAA, I expect you do not always see the finished result of your designs - here are a few outside pictures of the building that you helped us with. Thought you might be curious how it turned out. It looks good and we have had lots of compliments."

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Terms of Service & Fees

Nicholas Jay Architect always works under a written agreement that outlines the project's scope of service, terms of service, and fees for service. Typically the written agreement is a standard form published by the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). Most projects for building additions and renovations will use the OAA 800, "Standard Short Form of Contract for Architect's Services". You may download a sample copy of the OAA 800 (PDF, 1MB).

The fees for service are typically a lump sum amount based on a 2021 billing rate of $125 per hour. That is a great value in the mid-market as 100% of architectural services are performed by Nick Jay, OAA; a Licensed Architect with over fifteen years of professional experience. Compare that to larger firms where staff of similar experience would bill for $165 or more per hour.

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